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Our Evolution of an Artist series takes you on a little trip down memory lane with local artisans as they recount their creative journeys from their very first project to their current day concepts. Today I’d like to introduce local Brisbane artist, Samantha from Jetta’s Nest. I’ve also selected some images that represent my personal favourites from Samantha’s back catalog. Take it away Sam…!

Jetta's Nest Handmade Shorts, T-shirts, Clothing

I started making kiddies clothes back in 2005 after my first baby boy was born.  Like so many others I struggled to find fun and bright boys clothes I liked! So armed with my 9th grade home economics sewing skills I decided to start making shorts. Soon friends were asking me to make some for their boys and then mums of girls were asking if I’d whip up a pretty top or two.  By this time I had two little boys so of course making the girly stuff was a lovely change.

After loads of encouragement from friends and my very supportive husband I decided to try out a local market.  It was a terrible day and I sold nothing, but I’d heard of Etsy and decided to sign up and list my stock. Items started selling straight away and it was fabulous! I then joined the BrisStyle Etsy Street Team (now known as BrisStyle Inc.) and tried a market again, this time with great success.

Jetta's Nest Handmade Art, Dolls, Clothing, Brooches

By the time I hit my second market, I’d added fun appliqued boys and girls tees to my work. My monster and robot tees for boys were popular but I began to tire of making them, yearning instead for a way to incorporate my first love of art into my work.

I started slowly, first developing my Skittle Girl tees and then my Bloomin’ Buttonhead Brooches and some cards featuring a few illustrations. I was surprised and overwhelmed with the feedback I got at markets and online and little by little began to incorporate more and more of my artwork into my products.

Along the way I’ve made Monster softies (Monstuffies), my Jammie Eatin’ Monster Bag and a few art dolls. I’ve also slowly added prints and lots more cards to my range.

Jetta's Nest Handmade Monster Jammie Bag

In late 2009, I bought myself a scroll-saw and began to make little handcrafted frames to house my illustrations, which I then turned into brooches.  I’d always loved drawing and painting on wood and so began the journey to where I am now, making handcrafted brooches and pendants from salvaged and recycled timber, all individually illustrated and coloured.

Jetta's Nest Handmade Art, Dolls, Toys, Brooches

In the last two years I’ve managed to exhibit some of my artworks in some wonderful exhibitions and I feel I’m really heading in a direction that’s right for me, with my artwork integral to everything that I make.  I’ve recently passed that very first pair of shorts (along with loads of other pairs) on to a lovely artist who’s recently had a gorgeous baby boy.  It’s been a wonderful journey that I never would have travelled without that first pair of shorts!!

Jetta's Nest Handmade Brooches

You can view Samantha’s full collection online at Jetta’s Nest, or visit her on Facebook for all the latest news.

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