Creative Creatures by Jenny Smith

Introducing a whimsical collection of creatures from plush artist, Jenny Smith. Jenny is a Canadian living in West Hollywood, LA who has a love for traditionally crafted toys. She works her magic with a combination of felt, designer cottons and faux furs, giving each charming critter a creative and quirky back story.

Handmade softies, plush toys, stuffed animals, lion, raccoon

The little lady pictured here on the top right is Edith the Lion. She lives in West Hollywood and works at the city hall. Her job is very important as she is in charge of all of the archives. When she’s not working, you’ll find her volunteering at the library in the children’s section, reading to all of the little cubs. She hopes to one day meet another lion and start a family, but lions are hard to come by in West Hollywood.

Edith’s friend in blue is Ringo Raccoon. He lives in Santa Monica. He works at the local Trader Joe’s and he is a highly valued employee. Whether you are looking for a new salad dressing, trail mix or cheese, he can lead you in the right direction. He even has suggestions for wine pairings and is attending sommelier night school to further his skills.

Handmade softies, plush toys, stuffed animals

Handmade softies, plush toys, stuffed animals, bunny rabbit

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