A Sneak Peek at 2013 with Pollykinz Designs

We’ve had a bumper year at KID independent in 2012, and just can’t wait to bring you a whole lotta handmade love in 2013. Today I’ve invited Georgi from Australian children’s label Pollykinz Designs to stop by and share a little look at her 2013 range… and it’s all about hand prints and a love of local design. Take it away Georgi!

Pollykinz Designs Children's Sheet Sets and Baby Bedding

As mums we want to give our children the best we can provide. As lovers of handmade, we admire the quality and uniqueness of products. Pollykinz Designs came to life almost three years ago, with one aim: to create gorgeous, limited edition bed linen, that was exactly what I, as a new mum, desired – beautiful quality, stylish and filled with the charm handmade products exude.

Since its humble beginnings on my kitchen table, Pollykinz Designs has grown and re-shaped (what feels like) numerous times. My love for handmade and my passion for creating quality products are the two things that have however not altered.  With a new year looming a stack of designs and ideas began running through my head, and what emerged was a desire to completely embrace the concept of ‘handmade’.

Pollykinz Designs Children's Sheet Sets and Baby Bedding

The idea has now evolved into an eclectic collection of new products that are made from hand printed/screen printed fabrics, from independent designers. The prints are bold, sophisticated and striking. The fabrics are beautiful quality. And the materials are created by a range of talented designers. The icing on the cake however is the opportunity to support other handmade businesses. It excites me to know that the raw materials through to the end products have all been individually crafted, and each item contains its own unique characteristics.

As I become more and more inspired by the hand printed fabrics available, I am eager to get back to the sewing machine and bring to life many more products currently on the Pollykinz Designs drawing board. I look forward to a wonderful third birthday year filled with handmade goodness!

Pollykinz Designs Children's Sheet Sets and Baby Bedding

You can view more of the Pollykinz 2013 range online, or visit Georgi on Facebook for a first look at new releases.

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