Simply Scrumptious Santa Snacks

Ho Ho Happy Christmas Eve! We’re counting down the minutes until the big guy’s grand arrival and have been discussing all sorts of technical details, such as how Santa’s Sleigh can fly all around the world in one night, whether he dresses in the same outfit everyday (even in July) and how he can eat millions of cookies on Christmas Eve without exploding.

We decided that he needs all the energy to shimmy up and down all those chimneys…

Scrumptious Santa Snacks and Christmas Food Ideas

Thank you to the dozen festive foodies who feature in today’s post!

Check out their websites for more pictures, tutorials and inspiration.

  1. Snowman Milk Bottles
  2. Santa Cake Pops
  3. Santa Hat Brownies
  4. Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites
  5. Santa Strawberries
  6. Santa Hat Pops
  7. Meringue Santa Hats
  8. Strawberry Santa Hat Cupcakes
  9. Peppermint Kiss Sugar Cookies
  10. Santa Hat Marshmallow Snacks
  11. Santa Hat Pretzels
  12. Santa and Elf Cookies

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