I'm dreaming of a faux White Christmas!

I love an Aussie Christmas complete with summer sunshine, fresh prawns, Moreton Bay bugs, and a crisp white wine… but I’ve always dreamed of spending just one Christmas frolicking in the snow, making snow angels, having snow ball fights and then warming up by the fire place, sipping eggnog, and rockin’ a fabulously ugly knitted sweater. Sadly, it won’t be happening this year…

So instead I present a faux white Christmas (t-shirt style).

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Where to get your ugly sweater tees…

Green Yeti, Red Deer, Blue Moose and Brown Bear
Ugly Sweater Tees by Wopbobalubob

Blue Snowman, Eco Bear, Mint Skiers and Green Moose
Ugly Sweater Tees by Vardagen

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