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Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Naomi Rays from Queensland children’s label Deer Little Bird. I was instantly captivated by her use of vibrant, modern fabrics, and it’s with great pleasure that introduce Naomi as the KID independent Designer of the Week. I also have the privilege of reviewing her Pocket Play Dress in garden print.

Deer Little Bird Floral Handmade Girls Dress

The Product Review

There’s lots to love about the Deer Little Bird Pocket Play Dress, beginning with the lovely garden print. In heavenly hues of lime and citrus, with hints of purple and liberal splashes of azure blue, it’s perfect for parties in the park or playtime with friends.

The stand out feature of this dress is the little hidden pockets along the a-line seam, which are ideal for storing little treasures. The fabric is 100% cotton and it holds a lovely shape when worn. It also washes up well at the end the day, and dried quick as a flash on the clothesline in the Queensland summer sun.

I engaged the services of a rambunctious Miss-Two-Going-On-Twelve for this review, and she sat beneath the clothesline to watch the dress dry, waiting for another go at wearing it. Her mum said that it’s the first dress she’s ever owned because she has three big brothers, four uncles, and five male cousins! She usually spends her time running around the back yard in a pair of knickers and a singlet. This could be the start of a beautiful new friendship!

The Verdict… A little ray of sunshine to brighten up your day.

Deer Little Bird Floral Handmade Girls Dress

The Indie Label

Naomi launched her label Deer Little Bird in mid-2012. She was taught the basics of sewing by her mother and over the years she dabbled in self-taught projects. After she had her two girls, the sewing bug came back stronger than ever.

Naomi explains, “I have always been creative and have early memories of my father encouraging me to draw and to think with my hands. In recent years this provided a way to express my creative side after coming home from the pool (I work as a swimming instructor). Before long I had acquired a rather large pile of handmade clothing and after numerous gifts to family and friends the idea for Deer Little Bird took flight.”

The Creative Mind

Naomi is a mum of two girls; Livia, who turns 7 this year and Heidi, who is turning 5. Her girls provide much of her design inspiration, along with the incidental happenings in her daily life such as the mood of the weather, or flicking through glossy magazines.

Naomi explains, “When choosing the fabrics I normally look with a colour and theme already in mind. Feeling the fabric and putting the notions next to them can seal a deal (though I am known to be swayed by a darling print on impulse). What drives me, beyond the excitement of choosing the fabrics and trims, is the finished product. The only time you’ll find me sitting still is when I’m at my sewing desk in the sun room of our Queenslander.”

Deer Little Bird Handmade Girls Dress, A-line, Navy

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Naomi, in her own words:

  1. I think blue vein cheese is yummy.

  2. I’d rather have an adventure than be pampered.

  3. I’m a really good morning person; I’d rather wake up early than go to bed late.

The Handmade Collection

The Deer Little Bird collection includes a range of cotton and linen garments that complement the Australian lifestyle. Naomi’s design style is fresh and modern, with a hint of vintage, and includes affordable and versatile dresses, skirts, shorts and more. You can find her online at Etsy, or join her on Facebook for all the latest news.

Deer Little Bird Handmade Girls Skirt, Mustard, Yellow, Navy

Deer Little Bird Floral Handmade Bloomers, Pants

Deer Little Bird Handmade Boys Pineapple Pants, Shorts

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