Creative Cravings... Lovely Little Llamas!

I had a little Llama, his name was Fuzzy Mike. I slept with him at night time and raced him on my bike. He sat right at the table, and shared my scrumptious lunch. Although he was quite cheerful, I had a little hunch. Perhaps he wasn’t happy, living in my house. Perhaps he missed his friends; chicken, cow and mouse…

So I took him to the country, back to his favourite farm.

Hooray! he said, I missed you… the trees, the lake, the calm!

Handmade Llama Toy, Art, T-shirts, Jewellery, Illustration, Craft

  1. Happy Trails Illustration
  2. Lovely Llamas Paper Ornament Kit
  3. I Freaking Love Llamas Art Print
  4. OK LLAMA Purple T-shirt
  5. Save The Drama for You Llama Onesie
  6. Llama Handprinted T-shirt
  7. Aymara the llama Art Print
  8. Anamalz Organic Toy Llama
  9. Penelope and Pip Llama Art Print
  10. Areaware Llama Animal Box
  11. Llama Love Necklace Set
  12. Little Llama Mini Art Print


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