Happy New Year from {KID} independent

Raise your hands and give a cheer, it’s time to start another year! Twenty-Twelve is done and dusted, with handmade style we were entrusted. Sharing many lovely toys, and clothing too… for girls and boys! Music, art, books and craft… we smiled and danced and read and laughed! So stick around, you gorgeous creatures, for another year full of fabulous features!

Happy New Year, Party Animals, Party hats, Photo Props

  1. Free Printable Party Hats
  2. Papier-mâché Baby Deer
  3. Party Wings Illustration
  4. 3D Party Dog Shadow Box
  5. 2013 Happy New Year Bunting (DIY Printable)
  6. Party Bear Greeting Card
  7. Circus Elephant Art Print
  8. Pinback Button Party Animals
  9. Knitted Party Hat Pattern
  10. Free Photo Booth Printables

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