Review Crew - Hootenanny by Jambo

Parent’s Choice award winning indie musician Steve Pierson and his band Jambo are about to release their new album, a roots-based children’s CD called Hootenanny. Described as “one part Mississippi Delta, one part New Orleans street corner, and one part Chicago juke joint, Jambo is bursting with energy and feel-good funky grooves.

We sent a copy to Victorian mum of two, Adrienne, to try out with her playful brood.

Hootenanny Children's Music CD by Jambo

A review from KID independent reader, Adrienne.

Hello I’m Adrienne, stay at home mother of a Miss 3 and Master-almost-2 and we live by the sea in country Victoria.  We spend most of our time building forts, baking bread, playing library and treasure hunting.  And we love a good old dance off when the weather won’t let us outside.

Once I pushed play on the Hootenanny album it took all of 27 seconds for Miss 3 to declare “like” and maybe another 10 to start yelling “I love it, I love it!” whilst jumping up and down with her arms undulating with abandon.  My currently wordless Master-almost-2 just shimmed, swayed, bopped and tapped his way through the 40 or so minutes without distraction and then stomped his foot until it began again.  It took 3 encores to satisfy them and how much did I like it?  The kids went off to nap and I pressed play again, just for me!

Hootenanny by Jambo - Children's Music CD Review

Although not noticed by my little ones, the messages of the songs range from the silly Ice Cream Soup to the thoughtful Be Yourself and We Are All One Kind.  Needless to say their favourite was on the silly side with Space Monkey, with the verse building into a chorus ripe for rocketing spaceships and swinging monkey arms.  I know two small people who wholeheartedly agree with the lyrics, ‘wish I was a spacceee monKEY, swing across the starrrsss’.   I myself am completely besotted with the Begin The Day Again lullaby which completes the album.

The album offers an engaging range of changes in tempo, vocals, instruments and style that drew my kids full attention.  With its country and blues core you can imagine being in the coolest little shack in the middle of country U.S.A.  I can not imagine a day in the near future when we won’t be listening to these ditties and that just leaves me smiling, how can you not smile with a banjo playing?

If for no other reason, and there are plenty, you should get a copy of Hootenanny just to see little bodies wriggle, slide, pop and strut in new ways.

Hootenanny by Jambo will be released on 12 February 2013. You can listen to some sample tracks online at Jambo Land, or pre-order the album via Amazon.

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