A Little Old, A Little New and Often Blue!

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of meeting Bettina from a new handmade label called “Little Old Souls”. Bettina launched her label a few months ago when she decided to give up full time work after the birth of her son. I’m always a sucker for a dapper boys outfit, so today I thought I’d share a selection of snaps from the Little Old Souls collection.

Little Old Souls Handmade Baby Hats, Clothes, Bow Ties, Suspenders

Bettina’s story… (in her own words)

Little Old Souls began with its signature ‘Grandpa’ golf hat, refashioned from vintage suits. At the time I had looked everywhere for one of these hats for my (then three month old) son, in the fabric and style combination that I had in mind.  I had no luck finding the hat I was after and so decided I would have to make it myself.  After wearing his hat to local events, interest grew and I started to make more pieces including vests, double-breasted coats, suspenders, bow-ties, nappy covers and overalls.

Handmade Girls Blue and Mustard Flower Dress

(Bettina makes adorable stuff for girls too…)

I am inspired by styles of the past. I aim to make classic pieces that still have a modern feel.

Little Old Souls children’s clothing is designed to be practical and comfortable for little ones… Okay, so as practical as a bow tie and hat that doesn’t stop the sun can be!  I always use the softest fleece or cotton for the interiors of hats and soft elastics to make sure that clothing fits comfortably.  I have a preference for pieces that are fully lined and many items are made to be reversible, as children grow so quickly this allows them to get more wear from my clothing.

Handmade Baby Hat, Bow Tie and Playsuit

I source modern fabrics from local stores, as well as overseas. Each piece also usually includes some thrifted fabric taken from vintage suits, blankets, sheets and fabric remnants. I’ve always been drawn to the colour blue and often find this colour in my pieces (even when I’m trying not to!)

All pieces are handmade by me in a very small rural town in Queensland… we have less than 300 people!

You can find Little Old Souls garments online via Bettina’s Facebook page, or read her blog to follow her latest crafty projects.

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