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Over the summer holidays we sent some of our favourite items from the Havoc Denim SS13 Collection to KID independent readers Virginia and Carolyn. Today we’d like to share the first in a series of reviews from local mums and dads with an eye for style and bunch of energetic kids eager to share their opinions too! If you’d like the chance to review an item for KID independent, join our Review Crew.

Havoc Denim Kids Clothing - Product Test / Reader Review

A review from KID independent reader, Virginia.

I love how Havoc Denim injects so much fun and colour into their clothing range and was delighted to try out this Australian label with my children.

My daughter Scarlett (who has just turned three) was sent a pair of Girl’s Miami ‘Pale Pink’ Shorts and a white t-shirt with a fuchsia printed horse. The t-shirt was made from 100% cotton and the sizing was appropriate for her age. I liked how Havoc Denim had ironed on the label inside the t-shirt, as loose labels can irritate children’s necks.

Scarlett was fascinated with the horse print on the t-shirt and the intricate details on the saddle and bridle. The horse print led to quite a discussion on “Where is this horse from?”, “Is she going to a party?”, “Ohhh she is wearing bangles!”. This t-shirt was definitely a big hit with Miss Three.

Havoc Denim Kids Clothing - Product Test / Reader Review

The pretty Miami ‘Pale Pink’ Shorts provided a relaxed and comfortable fit. These shorts had beautiful detailing from the pink buttons and rivets, front pleating and roll tab hem. The shorts had floral lining inside around the waist, which felt extra soft. As Scarlett is quite petite, the adjustable waist band ensured a good fit and these shorts could be styled up with a belt too. My daughter said they were easy to put on by herself and were nice to wear – “The colour looks just like pink ice-cream!”. These are definitely a quality pair of shorts that little girls would want to pull out and wear, as they look and feel wonderful.

My son Jack (aged five) was sent a pair of Boys Hudson Skater Shorts in the most brilliant green with white chunky stitching. Jack tried these shorts on in a size 6 which fitted really well, so it is worth considering going up a size when purchasing this design. My son liked style of the skinny shorts and the five pockets with silver buttons and said  “Lots of pockets are important to store stuff in and not lose it”.

These shorts had a check fabric lining inside and an adjustable waist band. The shorts sit right over the knee and because of their length they could be worn for a couple of seasons and easily styled for different occasions too. It was nice to see Jack wearing green, rather than his usual choice of blue or black and he said he feels “Just awesome!” in these very cool Hudson Skater Shorts.

Havoc Denim Kids Clothing - Product Test / Reader Review

A review from KID independent reader, Carolyn

The Girls Nolita Flutter Dress in size 5 was a perfect fit for Miss 5 who LOVED this dress! She called it an ‘angel’ dress as when she holds out her arms it looks like angel wings. Apparently it is the perfect dress to wear on Christmas Day because angels and Christmas go together! The material is a lovely soft, good quality light denim, and not at all thick or coarse like a pair of jeans or denim shorts. Miss 5 said it felt very comfortable to wear and didn’t make her hot. It washed well with no dye run, and dried fast while still feeling soft and not stiff (but it does need ironing).

The Girls Havana Lace Skirt in size 2 comfortably fit Miss 2 with room to grow, with a wide elastic waist band at the top. Miss 2 loved twirling around in this skirt. The material again is a lovely soft and light denim interspersed with a good quality lace. The denim panel runs the entire length of the skirt with the frills sewn on top so there is no irritation from seams or lace on Miss 2’s legs.

This is quite a heavy skirt because of the many layers of frills which also meant it was hot to wear after a while. Miss 2 kept it on for an hour then wanted to change although I must state we do live in humid Queensland and it was a 32 degree day! I think this would be perfect to wear in Autumn and Winter in QLD. It washed well with no dye run, although it was slow to dry as it had many layers and does require some ironing of the denim material.

The Owl T-shirt in size 2 was a good fit for Miss 2 and had a nice length to it. It was an immediate winner because of the owl print, as Miss 2 is a lover of ABC’s Giggle and Hoot (and pink is her favourite colour). The material is great quality and the printed owl design looks to be of high quality too. It washed well with no dye run, dried well but does need a quick iron afterwards.

Another thing I loved about all the clothes was that the sizing/washing instruction tags are made out of soft material so it doesn’t irritate the kids necks like those horrible plastic tags that some brands have. Overall I’m very impressed with the quality and I love the styles; of course, most importantly, the girls loved their new clothes too!

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