Nine Lives! The Art of the Black Cat.

I love the sleek, chic, style of the black cat. You’ll see them in all kinds of artistic representations, from mysterious folklore and urban legend, to lucky charms and rockabilly representations. Today I’ve assembled some of my personal arty favourites, each with a hint of quirkiness and whole lot of personality. Which one is your favourite?

Black Cat Art, Illustration, Posters, Prints

  1. Lucky Black Cat Poster by Strawberry Luna
  2. Friends Cat & Mouse Print by Ingela P Arrhenius
  3. Baltazar Minimalist Cat Print by Buul
  4. Black Cat Records Print by Gemini Studio
  5. Minimal Happy Cat Print by Adam Quest
  6. Black Cat Print from Art by Kellie
  7. Curious Cat by Iain Macarthur
  8. Fitz the Preppy Cat by Budi Satria Kwan
  9. Penelope Cat Print by Fall Down Tree

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