New Music - KidQuake by The Not-Its!

If you’re suffering from a serious case of Monday-itis, then this post might be just what you need to snap out of it… dancey style! Seattle kindie-rockers The Not-Its have just released their fourth album, KidQuake, and with track titles like “Temper Tantrum”, “Tarantula Funeral” and “Full Tilt”, you just know this baby’s gonna rock your socks off.

Children's Music - KidQuake by The Not-Its!

In true testament to the excitement that a new musical creation can bring to a household, when we hit play on “KidQuake” the following sequence ensued… As my finger tapped UP on the volume control, heads started boppin’, hips started shakin’, feet got stompin’, the dog went crazy, and someone slipped over on the polished wooden floor. Oh yeah, it was fun from the opening guitar riff.

You can listen to a few sample tracks from KidQuake through the widget below. My favourite track on this album is track 7 “Full Tilt”, but I’m also quite fond of title track “KidQuake” and track 2, “Let’s Skateboard”.

Btw, how cool is The Not-Its album art? So rad.

You can find out more about The Not-Its, or purchase KidQuake online.

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