Creative Cravings... Lime Zest!

Happy Monday folks! Today’s theme has a zesty flavour with liberal splashes of lime, lemon, pink and purple. It all started with the cheerful monkey brothers, hand knitted by All Stuft Up (pictured in the top right square). These cute little fellows are made from a pattern by one of my favourite pattern designers, Danger Crafts. Enjoy!

Lime Green, Handmade Toys, Art, Softies, Hair Accessories

  1. Girl With Heart Illustration by Ula Bazaar
  2. Organic Wool Felted Booties
  3. Jerry the Amirgurumi Monkey
  4. Mini Felt Bow Baby Headbands
  5. Oishi-m Oompa Skinny Jean
  6. Lime Green Beaded Necklace
  7. Mini Felt Zombie Softie
  8. Kawaii Green Amigurumi Bear
  9. Green Felt Baby Shoes
  10. Chunky Bead Necklace
  11. 3 Sprouts Organic Storage Box
  12. Handmade Owl Softie


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