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Hi folks, I’m very excited today to bring you a Designer of the Week that is all about the boys! MIDA is based in Sydney, Australia and creates a stylin’ range of boys’ clothing in sizes 1 to 6 years. In review today is my personal favourite from the MIDA collection, the Cubic Goldfish Cotton Twill Shorts, available online for a reasonable $29.95.

MIDA Boys Cubic Goldfish Cotton Twill Shorts

The Product Review

It all started with the super cool retro goldfish pattern… which instantly grabbed my attention and promptly landed these shorts on my favourites list. The pattern is designed exclusively for MIDA by Aussie artist Saffron Craig, and is a perfect representation of the quintessential Aussie summer. Anyone care for a spot of fishing by the lake with a bucket hat and an Esky?

Once these shorts arrived and we took them out for a test run (thank you, rambunctious mr-almost-three), my attention moved onto the construction. These bad boys are BUILT TOUGH, from durable (yet lightweight) twill weave cotton that is similar to the fabric found in king gee work shorts. You’d have to get into a tussle with a crocodile to damage to these shorts. Oh, and they also sit just below the knees, providing an essential barrier when playing on the ground.

The verdict… cool, comfortable and built to last.

MIDA Boys Soft Denim Jeans

The Indie Label

Janet from MIDA launched her label in 2010, with the aim of spicing up the boys fashion market. She explains, “I started this boys-only label for my son after I was frustrated by the very limited choice of clothes for little boys. It seems all the designs are based on adult fashion but I’d love to have something different for my son; something designed with his mobility and daily activity in mind.”

As well as being the main inspiration for the MIDA design process, Janet’s five year old son was also the inspiration behind the business name; MIDA is how he pronounced “Mister” when he was two.

The Creative Mind

Janet is quick to point out that she doesn’t consider herself to be a fashion designer (she’s an accountant in ‘real life’). She creates her range based purely on a little boy’s interests and needs. That being said, she certainly has a flair for colour! At age 7, one of her drawings was sent to Japan for an art exhibition; “Gee, look at the colors!” (that’s what people said about her artwork).

Describing the MIDA design process, Janet explains, “Do you believe children see things differently? My son often helps me to rediscover the world from a new angle and that’s normally how a new design starts. Our design philosophy is to create for little children.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s a few fun facts about Janet (in her own words):

  1. I enjoy DIY Website building (yes, I did our website).

  2. I also enjoy food, adventure, and home improvements!

Limited Edition

The MIDA boys’ clothing range includes a selection of shorts, jeans, pants, tops, hoodies, hats, and as pictured below, playful pyjamas! Online shopping is available via the MIDA website (worldwide delivery available), or you can visit Janet on Facebook for all the latest news.

MIDA Boys Winter Pyjamas, Pajamas, Owls, Cars, Stripes

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