Fresh Baked Friday - Oishi-m Autumn Release!

Here we are on a cheerful Friday morning, and there’s a tiny chill in the air giving us a sneak peek at the impending days of Autumn. So what better way to start the day than with a lovely Autumn collection from our friends at Oishi-m? If you’re prone to excitement when faced with heavenly hues and playful patterns… brace yourself!

Oishi-m Autumn 2013 Children's T-shirts, Jeans, Hoodies

This seasonĀ Oishi-m presents a gorgeous mash-up of shapes, stripes, florals, speckles, and even some 70’s flashback tie-dye. Choose from the signature oishi-m long-sleeved tees, super cute denim, trackies, hoodies and shrugs. I’ve got my eye on the Flossy Pie Long Sleeve Tee with floral bodice and stripey sleeves.

Oishi-m Autumn 2013 Children's T-shirts, Jeans, Hoodies

Oishi-m is available online, or through a range of stockists around the world.

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