Music Review - Orangutan Van by SteveSongs

It’s new music time, and today I’ve invited Perth mum and school teacher, Maggie, to share her review of “Orangutan Van”, a brand new album from SteveSongs (aka children’s singer/songwriter Steve Roslonek). Steve is a critically acclaimed performer with 2 Parents’ Choice Gold Awards, a Nappa Honour, 2 iParenting Media Awards, and 2 Children’s Music Web Awards under his belt!

Orangutan Van by SteveSongs

Take it away Maggie…

Hi, I’m Maggie. I’m the mum of one little girl, Annie and the males in our household are our husband and Daddy, Trent and our Labrador, Owen. I work part-time as a teacher in a primary school. I teach both in the classroom and outdoors teaching physical education, where dance and music are part of my everyday routine with the children. We live in Perth where the summer sun can get very hot, so having music around us is important as it prompts indoor physical activity when the temperature limits the amount of time we can spend outdoors.

I enjoyed the music on the Orangutan Van. The lyrics were simple enough for children to understand and the score was catchy and memorable. I also love the lessons that can be learnt in the lyrics and they appeal to listening adults as well. I would love to play this to my classroom of Year 3 students (8 year olds). From a marketing perspective I would be hitting school music departments, and if you could release a songbook with the CD it would sell like hot cakes. Touring schools is another great way to promote product sales!

I wonder slightly about the cover art, as an adult I loved it, when faced with a plethora of high gloss, high sparkle CD covers, as a child, I’m not convinced that Orangutan Van is the one they would pick.

Steve Roslonek from SteveSongs

The names of the tracks are terrific and most songs made me chuckle which would translate to belly laughs from the children I teach!

My favourite tracks on the album are A is for Silly and Orangutan Van. Both have great lyrics, but really all the songs were enjoyable. I adored the lyric from A is for Silly… “L is for you and me..whys that? Because A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K, L Love you”. Very clever.

I listened to Orangutan Van with Annie and Noah a couple of times (both under three). They are perhaps too little to sing along, but they both certainly danced to the tunes and were able to detect tempo changes and change their movement accordingly, which was impressive. I know that children at school would love to sing along to these lyrics. Annie and Noah got a bit distracted by the ‘talking’ at the start of some of the songs, but I know that this is aimed at a slightly higher age bracket.

The verdict… A happy and sunny album for children and adults of all ages!

You can listen to some sample tracks, or purchase Orangutan Van online at SteveSongs.

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