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Each week on KID independent I share a range of beautiful items that are lovingly handcrafted by talented artists, sewers and knitters. I often wonder where they learned their talents, and love to hear stories of traditional techniques and creative skills that are passed down through the generations. Today I’ve invited local knitting extraordinaire, Stacey from Sheeps Clothing to share her story.

Take it away Stacey…

Stacey from Sheeps Clothing

Like many, I was taught to knit by my mother and grandmother when I was only a child.  Both were keen and prolific knitters and crocheters and the fruits of their labours are dotted through photos from my childhood.  The photo here was taken when I was in kindergarten (1976) and the cardigan I am wearing was knitted by my Mum.

One of my fondest memories of my Nanna is sitting with her picking out colours for a doll she was knitting for me.  Although I didn’t really appreciate it until I was much older, the level of detail on my doll is quite incredible.  The doll’s body is completely knitted, as is her dress, long bloomers, apron, hat and scarf.  She’s one of my favourite things.  Mum has kept the pattern and it is nice to see Nanna’s handwriting again on the pattern.

Vintage Doll Knitting Pattern

I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my grandparents when I was young.  In my memories, Nanna was always in the kitchen or knitting.  She must have been very patient to have taught me to knit at only five or six years old.  She was quite a tight knitter and she seems to have passed this trait to Mum and I as well.  Nanna had quite a collection of knitting needles that now live with me.  She unfortunately had a liking for metal needles, that I really don’t like to use, but it is lovely just to have them because they were Nanna’s.

Although Nanna taught me the basics, I think Mum took over as the knitting mentor as I got older.  There were many projects started over the years that Mum would end up finishing, or fixing up when I’d get sick of following the pattern.

Sheeps Clothing Handmade, Knitted Children's Beanie

I launched Sheeps Clothing in 2007 and the hat shown here was one of my very first online sales.  I loved this yarn as it was incredibly soft and the colours so vibrant.  Unfortunately the supplier went out of business and I was only able to sell knits in this lovely yarn for a very short time.

Apart from the handknits I also teach others to knit and I like to think I am encouraging others to start a family tradition of their own.

Sheeps Clothing Handmade, Hand Knitted Beanies & Scarves

You can find Stacey online via Facebook, or shop for her lovely creations in her online store.

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