A Dozen Awesome Woody Things...

Hooray for Friday! I’m sending you off to the weekend with a dozen of my favourite woody things. You’ll find artistic representations of the neurotic and intriguing Woody Allen and the always endearing Woody the Cowboy. There’s wooden cars, gorillas and foxes; and wooden building blocks, sling shots and hedgehogs! Have an awesome weekend!

Wooden Toys, Jewellery, Art, Blocks, Sling Shots, Dolls, Robots


  1. Woody Toy Story Print
  2. Neon Pink Handmade Slingshot
  3. Woody Allen Art Print
  4. Tegu Magnetic Blocks
  5. Laser Cut Wooden Fox Earrings
  6. Areaware Wooden Gorilla
  7. Pinocchio Print by Joaquim Bundó
  8. Wooden Bobblehead Robot Clock
  9. Handpainted Wooden Candi Dolls
  10. Wood Octopus Light Switch Plate
  11. Rolling Wooden Hedgehog Toy
  12. Limited Edition Automoblox Sports Car


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