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I’m on a bit of a role this week with sustainable and stylish creations for kids. So keeping with the theme, today I’d like to introduce Tani from Queensland children’s label Doodlebug! In review today we have the Mila Bamboo Pinafore Dress, a fabulous Autumn staple for eco-fashionistas.

Doodlebug Children's Bamboo Clothing, Dresses

The Product Review

The Mila Pinafore Dress by Doodlebug is available in musk pink or royal blue with either a flower or elephant print. We tested the medium size in pink, which was a good fit for a 3 year old, with plenty of room to grow. The pinafore design means that it can be paired with a long-sleeve tee for the cooler months, and the breathable bamboo fabric provides warmth in winter and is cool in summer.

I love the stripes on the straps and the contrast of the wooden buttons, however it was the amazingly supple and buttery soft bamboo that really grabbed my attention. This is a seriously comfortable dress that is versatile enough for a range of occasions. It has a beautiful drape that moves with kids, rather than restricting them… and it’s fun for twirling too! If it came in adult sizes, I’d buy one for myself!

An additional note on the bamboo fabric; I adore this fibre! Tani points out that it is grown naturally with no nasty pesticides, it is breathable, anti fungal, anti bacterial, and anti static. It is also recommended by the Eczema Foundation and neonatal nurses are preferring to dress ICU and premmies in bamboo too.

The verdict… A versatile wardrobe staple, made with both kids and mother nature in mind.

Doodlebug Children's Bamboo Clothing, Dresses

The Indie Label

Doodlebug was born through Tani’s love of art and the global financial crisis. She explains, “After having my first child I had real difficulty returning to the workforce. There were just no jobs around.  I turned to illustrating and painting, and started with a series of intricate images that I thought might look good on my daughters t-shirt!

I started with iron-ons in my garage that I very nervously took to the local markets. They were received really well and I am able to boast now, after our first bamboo collection in Summer 2011, Doodlebug is stocked in over 40 different shops over four countries!  It wasn’t quite as easy as that sounds mind you…!”

The Creative Mind

Tani chose the name Doodlebug to reflect her illustrative process. She lists her art as one of her favourite aspects of the label, and often works side-by-side with her children, 6 year old Mila and 3 year old Oscar (Mr Three likes to create his own masterpieces while sitting on mum’s lap while she works).

Tani was very happy to share her design process with us, describing it as “the best bit”…

“I have books and books of ideas I will be sketching throughout the year and countless folders on my desktop full of inspiration.  When it comes time to sit down and really pull a collection together, I will first let myself run riot a bit through shops, magazines, the internet and my sketch books; yes, I really HAVE to go shopping as part of my job description…”

“The hard part from there is picking a small selection from my thousands of ideas. I am getting to know a bit better what is commercially viable, and what fits the ‘doodlebug aesthetic’.  Mostly I just design what I think my kids would look cool in!  I then work with pattern makers and do countless fittings with rather impatient children until the fit is JUST right. I am quite fussy about this.  From there it can turn into beautiful photographs, and then go into production! I would be so so happy if one day my business reached a point where this is all I did all day.  I am not a fan of chasing accounts, or doing the books.  Designing and drawing is where it’s at.”

Doodlebug Children's Bamboo Clothing, Leggings

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Tani (in her own words)…

  1. My hobbies are quite limited (who has the time!)…  but I’m a self confessed foodie, I love to read about nutrition (yes really) and I love nothing more than a rainy afternoon in the kitchen.  All further hobbies involve working off said baking!

  2. My secret skill is parallel parking; first time every time… Okay, that’s two facts, and neither are very interesting.  I am working on becoming more interesting…

  3. I have a goal of doing the splits before I turn 30.  I’m almost there, I just can’t walk for a week after I practice.

Doodlebug Children's Bamboo Clothing, Leggings

The Eco-Friendly Collection

Alongside the Doodlebug bamboo clothing collection, you’ll also find an eco-friendly stationery line. This collection of postcards, bookmarks and gift tags are all made from real cherrywood sourced from sustainable plantations.  For every tree felled in making the cards, another five are planted. Check out the range online at Doodlebug, or visit Tani on Facebook for all the latest news.

Doodlebug Children's Bamboo Clothing, Onesies, Rompers

Competition - Giveaway - WinWould you like to win a Mila Pinafore Dress by Doodlebug? To enter this competition, simply visit Doodlebug and tell us your favourite product. Please submit your entry through the Rafflecopter widget below. You can also score extra entries into the prize draw by joining us on Facebook or tweeting about the giveaway. Winner announced on 4 April, 2013.

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