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Well folks, my favourite time of year is almost upon us… a snuggly, cuddly, cosy winter! With that in mind, today I’d like to introduce you to a delightful design duo from Tel Aviv, Israel – Maayan and Anat from Mezoome Designs. I’m particularly enamoured with their winter sleeping bags (also great for transitioning into autumn) and this week I had the chance to try one out for myself…

Mezoome Designs Baby Bedding, Blankets, Sleeping Bags

The Product Review

If there’s one thing that I learnt from this week’s review, it’s that very few things in this world are more adorable than an itty bitty baby bundle wrapped up in a cosy cocoon of Egyptian cotton. I had so much fun cuddling Miss Megan (5 months) in the Mezoome Sleeping Bag that I made three rounds of coffee and used some pre-Easter caramello eggs to entice her mummy to stay a little bit longer!

Here’s the low down on the design… It’s made from eco-friendly 100% Egyptian cotton and is available in four colours (red, brown, light blue and grey). I was especially smitten with the fabulously fun lining which features a selection of woodland creatures. I also love the easy-in-and-out wrap style which has a shape like a gingerbread man and a handy velcro closure. Megan’s mum found it useful for day sleeps and also used it in the car. It’s available for $44USD (with free worldwide shipping)… and did I mention that it has little bear ears on the hood? So sweet!

The verdict… Fun, modern styling to keep your little bug snug.

Mezoome Designs Baby Bedding, Blankets, Sleeping Bags

Mezoome Designs Baby Bedding, Blankets, Sleeping Bags

The Indie Label

Mezoome Designs is a creative project by Anat Biala (mum of two boys, 5 y.o. Jonathan and 1.5 y.o. Yoav) and Maayan G. Shpigel (mum of two girls, 4 y.o. Alona and 1.9 y.o. Michaella). Anat and Maayan met at their children’s kindergarten and one day while they were hanging out at the playground they discovered that they both shared a love for graphics and design.

In 2008, Anat and Maayan they decided to join forces to launch Mezoome and have been happily designing together ever since. Their business name means “who’s who” in Hebrew, which they thought was cute and apt name for their collaboration.

The Creative Mind

Anat and Maayan draw their inspiration from their children and the world that surrounds them. They also love the Scandinavian design aesthetic, which is evident in their current collection.

Anat and Maayan explain, “We always start our design process around our four main characters and brain storm the old fashioned way with a pen and paper. After that we research different colours and textures according to the season and collection. We turn to our favourite design websites for inspiration as well as design books and all the things around us.”

Mezoome Designs Baby Clothes, Winter Jackets

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Anat and Maayan (in their own words):

  1. We are both left handed.

  2. We LOVE pinterest and can easily get lost in it for hours…

  3. We live for our coffee breaks!

Limited Edition

TheĀ Mezoome Designs collection features sleeping bags, baby blankets, activity mats, bedding, clothing and accessories. The winter 2013 collection is centred around four adorable woodland creatures; Mr. Mush, Wabbit, Owl-e, and A-corn. You can shop online for Mezoome products via Etsy, or visit Anat and Maayan on Facebook for all the latest news.

Mezoome Designs Baby Bedding, Blankets, Activity Mats


Savings and Specials

For a limited time Mezoome are offering free worldwide shipping on all sleeping bags, winter coats, and baby blanket sets purchased through their Etsy store. Hooray! Let’s go shopping!


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