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Here we are in the middle of March, and winter is just a hop, skip and a jump away! With that in mind, today I’ve invite a good friend of KID independent to knit up a storm for our Designer of the Week. Stacey from Sheeps Clothing works with 100% pure wool and creates cosy little masterpieces for every member of the family. This month I’m spoiling my three nieces with a beautiful eyelet rib hat…

Sheeps Clothing Pure Wool Hand Knitted Beanie Hat

Sheeps Clothing Pure Wool Hand Knitted Beanie Hat

The Product Review

The Sheeps Clothing Pure Wool Eyelet Rib Hat is hand knitted and features a lovely little detachable flower brooch that is backed with contrasting fabric and finished with a vintage button. This week I received a sweet little package containing three little hats – yellow (with purple trim), bright pink (with pink and green trim) and lovely pale pink (with green and pink trim – my favourite as pictured above).

The stand out feature of these hats (aside from the cosiness of the pure wool) is just the right amount of pretty + practical. The hats will match nicely with all of your winter outfits, from dresses and tights, to jumpers and jeans. The wool is a medium weight – to take you through the tail end of autumn and right through winter.

The verdict…  Good old fashioned workmanship with playful, modern appeal.

The Indie Label

Stacey launched Sheeps Clothing in 2007, but has been a knitter on and off since childhood. She explains, “I really got into it in a big way when my boys (Connor, 12 and Ethan, 10) were babies.  I used to get a lot of compliments on the knits they wore as babies and toddlers and that planted the seed for Sheeps Clothing. Once toddlerhood was out of the way, I was able to devote some time to developing my business idea and Sheeps Clothing was born.”

The Creative Mind

Stacey chose the name ‘Sheeps Clothing’ to reflect that she only knits with pure wool. She describes her design process as “ad hoc” and draws her inspiration from vintage patterns, or finished garments that she sees when out and about. The fabulous eyelet knit hat that we reviewed today was inspired by a length of eyelet lace – the kind that is used in knitted coat hangers.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Stacey (in her own words):

  1. I teach shorthand at a journalism school.

  2. I have a paddleboat driver’s licence.

  3. I’m incredibly awkward – constantly walking into things, tripping over and dropping things!

The Handmade Collection

Sheeps Clothing creates a range of hand knitted pure wool hats, scarves, gloves and accessories. You can purchase your favourites online via the Sheeps Clothing store, or visit Stacey on Facebook for all the latest news.

Sheeps Clothing Pure Wool Hand Knitted Beanie Hat Scarves Gloves

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