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Hi friends, we’ve had a fabulous month of fun meeting the lovely handmade designers in our Best Dressed 2013 “Keep Kids in School” project. Today we’re kicking off the showcase finale on Facebook, where you can see all the dresses in a snapshot and buy your favourites. Plus, we’ve got a bunch of hair clips to giveaway!


Don’t forget, all of the proceeds from the first dress sale by each designer will be donated to World Families Australia education program in Ethiopia. Our goal is $1000, and we have $400 to go… so please dig deep and shop like crazy!


Buy a Handmade Children's Dress for Charity

Best Dressed Bonus!

Bonus Hairclips!THE FIRST FIVE SHOPPERS to buy a dress through the Facebook showcase will receive a free set of hair clips from the official Best Dressed 2013 accessories sponsor, Little Peanut Handmade. Little Peanut snap clips are handcrafted from bright designer fabrics and feature modern button styling on sleek silver clips.


Best Dressed 2013 Handmade Dresses Showcase


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