Music Review... When The World Was New!

Hey folks, are you ready for the weekend? I’m heading off on a (reasonably short) road trip, which means I get to indulge in one of my all time favourite things… mixtape! (Okay… so you can tell how old I am by the use of the word tape… ahh, the good old days). Anyhoo… The first song on my mixtape is this cool track called ‘Snail Mail’ by Dean Jones. It’s super catchy!

Dean Jones - When the world was new

‘Snail Mail’ is from Dean’s new album ‘When the world was new‘ which will be available on 14 May, 2013. The album has a chilled out vibe, and has quite a few outstanding tracks including ‘ I tried to make a friend’ and ‘Prehensible Grip’ which is extremely intelligent, with a strangely addictive melody. Take a listen below!

Dean Jones is well known for his work with ‘Dog on Fleas’, with this album being a rare solo project. I’m digging its quirky style and have added it to the KID independent ‘in-car’ rotation… a very honourable place to be.

You can learn more about Dean, or buy his CD ‘When the world was new’ via his website (from 14 May, 2013).

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