Dress Up Dolls by Adolie Day + Chocovenyl

A very jolly, dolly good morning to you my friends. Today’s rosy-cheeked feature comes to you from our friends at Chocovenyl who have just released a new range of Dress Up Dolls in collaboration with Adolie Day. These amazingly adorable wall stickers are available in a full set of eight, or half sets of four.

Chocovenyl, Adolie Day Dress Up Dolls Wall Stickers

Adolie Day has brushed worlds with Kenzo and Catimini, designed a range of adorable Kokeshi dolls for Momiji Dolls, published books and exhibited at le Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayette and more. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your hands on a little piece of Adolie Day art for your home.

Chocovenyl, Adolie Day Dress Up Dolls Wall Stickers

Check out the full collection of Adolie Day Dress Up Dolls online at Chocovenyl.

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