Review Crew - Louise from NZ tests L'asticot!

I just love the opportunity to treat one of our fabulous readers to some super cute swag to test out with their little ones. This week, our friends at Bink Kids sent a funky L’asticot Striped Onesie across the Tasman to Louise and her little guy Dylan. Doesn’t this cheeky little grin just melt your heart?

Organic Onesie Long Sleeved Stripes by Lasticot

A review from KID independent reader, Louise…

My 19 month old son Dylan is a long little man and onesies are usually too short in the arms and body for him to be comfortable, but this gorgeous L’asticot organic striped onesie was perfect! I use two types of cloth nappies, and this onesie fit around even his bulkiest cotton nappies easily.

The fit through the body was great, I loved how the sleeves and torso were nice and slim; I don’t like baggy onesies as they are difficult to layer. Having said that, the thickness of the fabric was great and is all my guy will need now that the days are getting cooler.

The neck is wide enough to get on and off easily without a struggle, a bonus in my book.  Also I think my little guy was really comfortable in it. He has started to actively and loudly protest when I put him in something that he doesn’t like but he loves this. He likes pulling the sleeves down after washing his hands, something I haven’t seen him do before as usually long sleeves that actually fit him in the body are too short!

Organic Onesie Long Sleeved Stripes by Lasticot

The organic cotton fabric is super soft, even after a couple of rough washes in hard water, (I am too much of a hippie to use fabric softener), and I must confess, I got distracted in the middle of laundering it for the first time and ruefully expected the colours to bleed into each other after sitting around damp, but there was no colour loss at all!

I loved the colour and pattern, it is so harmonious and gloriously fun and childlike without being twee. I took little man in it to a country farmer’s market and he got lots of compliments, I felt very proud indeed.

I think it would look marvellous on a little girl too; it’s quite hard to find proper unisex outfits that aren’t… plain.

The onesie has held up to a long car journey, been slept in twice, worn to the pools, where it went back on clammy damp skin with success without sticking (hooray!), worn while taste-testing vegan truffles, has been doused in paella and blueberries, and has had a good turn around our backyard jungle and still it looks fab.

I’m in love with this snuggly stripey onesie. What a beautiful, versatile garment. It looks like it will wear well so I imagine it will see my little boy right through winter and beyond, and probably his little cousin next summer and beyond!

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You can find the full range of L’asticot organic, fair trade children’s clothing online at Bink Kids.

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