Designer of the Week - Little Peanut Handmade

Hello friends, it’s with great pleasure today that I introduce our Designer of the Week, Melissa from Little Peanut Handmade. Melissa creates a range of delicately handcrafted accessories for little ladies (and grown-up ladies too) and this week we tested out a lovely selection of hair accessories. It was hard to pick out my favourite fabric, so I’d like to share a variety of goodies from Little Peanut.

Little Peanut Handmade Children's Accessories, Hair Clips, Headbands

The Product Review

The thing I love most about theĀ Little Peanut Handmade collection is the beautiful range of fabrics. The hues are bright and cheerful, and the patterns add a little bit of whimsy to an outfit. My personal favourites are the contrasting florals, but I’m also quite fond of the retro styled novelty sets, like the little bunny headband pictured below.

Melissa works with hand-picked designer fabrics, and her workmanship shows attention to detail and an eye for style.

The verdict… fabulous finishing touches for your favourite autumn outfits!

The Indie Label

Melissa launched Little Peanut in late 2010 after the birth of her second child. Her goal was to create a range of high quality, durable and pretty accessories that would be suitable for both special occasions and everyday wear. The collection has grown continuously over the past few years, expanding into clothing for kids, and jewellery for women too.

Little Peanut Handmade Children's Accessories, Hair Clips, Headbands

The Creative Mind

Melissa is mum to Mia (almost 5) and Cohen (almost 3). She chose her name to honour both her little ones, who were affectionately referred to as “Little Peanut” in utero.

Describing her design process, Melissa explains, “Our pieces are designed with practicality in mind. As much as I love buying gorgeous clothing for my daughter, we rarely have occasions for them to be worn. I love finishing off my daughters ponytail with a sweet fabric button tie or keeping her wispy flyaways at bay with a pretty clip.

“All our pieces are designed to be worn on a daily basis regardless of occasion. Be it a trip to the supermarket, a play date, a party, daycare, or family outings, a sweet little accessory is the perfect way to complete an outfit. We always pick funky, fresh, up to date fabrics to keep up with fashion and we also design our own fabric.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Melissa (in her own words):

  • I have a massive phobia of birds! I will not walk down a street if there are pigeons about or walk to a park with seagulls or magpies. I have no idea where it originated, but the thought of them send shivers down my spine!

  • I am half Australian half Chinese yet cannot speak any language other than English. I once hated my background but since becoming an adult I have learnt to embrace my diverse culture and love the different traditions and cultural practices within my family

  • I really love cooking! Every weekend I try to make something new, often desserts! I have a real sweet tooth!

The Handmade Collection

TheĀ Little Peanut Handmade collection includes a range of fabric button accessories including hair ties & clips, earrings & rings. You’ll also find a range of children’s clothing made from designer cotton fabric in simple, comfortable designs and a few goodies for mums too. Shop online at Little Peanut Handmade or visit Melissa on Facebook for all the latest news.

Little Peanut Handmade Children's Accessories, Hair Clips, Headbands

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