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Writing a letter by hand, slipping it into a beautiful kraft envelope, finishing it off with a whimsical label and a stamp and popping in a shiny red mailbox is one of life’s simple pleasures. In a world filled with technology and fast communication, it’s an art that we surely must preserve… introducing, the Love Owls writing set, by An April Idea.

An April Idea Stationery, Writing Sets, Cards

The Product Review

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always found my daily trip to the mailbox to be a magical experience. In my youth, I wrote letters to pen pals in the USA, UK and India. I also loved to send in jokes and colouring competitions to Saturday morning TV shows (Boris’s Breakfast Club anyone?) and scored myself autographed photos of stellar casts such as Family Ties and The Facts of Life. Oh yes, I go way back with pen and paper.

Of course, now that I’m grown-up (aka old) my mailbox is often filled with bills and other such boring matter. To offset this problem, I’m always on the lookout for lovely writing sets to keep my letter writing hobby alive. That’s how I met Jessie from An April Idea, and discovered her beautiful Love Owls writing set.

In each letter set from An April Idea, you’ll find 12 sheets of high quality 115gsm cream writing paper, printed with an original hand drawn illustration or pattern. This particular set features two whimsical owls, in mustard/rose and chocolate/turquoise, paired with 12 thick kraft envelopes and 12 envelope seals, all neatly packaged a kraft wallet.

The owls are perched preciously on the corner of the page, with tons of room for writing, doodling or babbling, and every second sheet is printed with hand drawn dashed lines.

When was the last time you wrote a letter by hand to send to a treasured friend?

The verdict… Whimsical stationery for lovers of the handwritten word.

An April Idea Stationery, Writing Sets, Cards

The Indie Label

Jessie launched her label, An April Idea, in 2011 with her business partner Pepe. Pepe has been in the stationery industry for 26 years and had always dreamed of starting his own range. Jessie explains, “When we met in 2010 we started working on An April Idea. It was a dream come true for me to be able to illustrate to my hearts content and work with my favourite medium. Paper!”

The Creative Mind

As well as her love for stationery, Jessie adores all creatures great, and small. She has two Samoyed ‘fur babies’ and animals feature prominently in her artwork. She is also inspired by random patterns, shapes and colours.

Jessie explains, “The first illustrations I drew were the Moose loves Raccoon. They were drawn for an art show for Uni, which never ended up happening. When the opportunity for designing my own card range came up, I thought about using them, and then the style just sort of developed. I never really sat down and thought about what my style would be or what I wanted it to look like, it just happened. I love things to be beautiful or at least visually pleasing, so I guess I subconsciously aim for that. Something beautiful, something different, something that makes people feel happy.”

An April Idea Stationery, Writing Sets, Cards

An April Idea Stationery, Writing Sets, Cards

The Whimsical Spirit

  1. I have a degree in Interior Design (as well as Graphic Design). I would love to combine the two one day.

  2. I LOVE reading and am devouring “Her Mother’s Shadow” by Diane Chamberlain at the moment.

  3. I am an animal ADDICT! I would have 100 dogs if my husband would let me! I love bears in particular, which is why I have Samoyeds. They look like baby polar bears!

The Handmade Collection

Jessie’s range includes greeting cards, gift tags, invitations, boxed card sets, lolly bags, prints, bookmarks, notebooks, notepads and writing sets. Visit An April Idea online, via Etsy, or on Facebook.

An April Idea Stationery, Writing Sets, Cards

An April Idea Stationery, Writing Sets, Cards

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