Vintage Cupcake Stands by Domum Vindemia

I’m in the mood for some vintage loveliness, so today I’d like to introduce you to our new friend Deb from Domum Vindemia (which means ‘vintage home’ in Latin). This Melbourne-based homewares collection is created from repurposed and upcycled vintage crockery, fabric and other supplies. Today we’re showcasing Deb’s personal favourites, the vintage cupcake stands!

Vintage Cupcake Stands, Repurposed, Upcycled Plates

Deb explains, “The cupcake stands are probably my favourite creations in my stores!  I started creating them because of my love of serving cakes and other treats in groups of small arrangements at parties, rather than serving everything on a few large platters”.

“I am a little obsessed with creating my dessert stands because I just can’t resist the regal beauty and wonderful quality of vintage plates and saucers.  I am particularly inspired by gorgeous English porcelain makers such as Royal Doulton, EB Foley and Royal Staffordshire, but I love most vintage designs.  My favourite thing to do is to spend a day (or two) in a large antiques bazaar or second hand store and hunt for beautiful pieces to turn into cake stands.  And the squeal of delight when I find the perfect candlestick, mini vase, etc to use as a matching base for a vintage plate?  You could probably hear it from the other end of the store!”

Vintage Cupcake Stands, Repurposed, Upcycled Plates

You can view Deb’s full collection online at Madeit, or Etsy.

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