Music Review - Whatever I Want To Be

I must say, when the album, ‘Whatever I Want to Be‘ landed on my doorstep, I wondered if it would be as well received in the KID household as our usual preference for indie rock and offbeat folksy numbers. I put it on for a group of kids aged between 3 and 6 and they were captivated from beginning to end. I must admit, I kind of dug it myself too.

'Whatever I Want to Be' by Young Avenue Kids

‘Whatever I Want to Be’ is a project by Ilana Melmed and Young Avenue Kids (six of whom are Illana’s grandchildren) that blends original lyrics set to classic, well-known melodies by Rossini, Hayden, Grieg, and more. It’s classical music with a cool and quirky twist.

Listen below, or click here to download this track for free!



The scene is set with the very first track ‘Blast off with Suppe’ which is set to Franz Von Suppe’s ‘Light Cavalry Overture’. Track two takes you on a little tour of ‘The Orchestra Families’ and I dare you to listen to it without singing along whilst grinning like a fool. Yes my friends, it appears that classical music isn’t boring after all! Tell your kids!

You can listen to more of ‘Whatever I Want to Be’, or buy a copy of the CD, here!

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