Music review - It's not fair to me!

Hey folks, today I’d like to share a new album from whimsical singer songwriters Bill Harley and Keith Munslow. Their new album is called “It’s not fair to me” and features ten fun tracks that might strike you as scarily similar to a conversation you’ve heard between your very own kids, especially when you listen to the title track.

Bill Harley and Keith Munslow

The best thing about this wacky duo is their story telling ability. It was well received in this household with plenty of giggles shared in appreciation. My favourite songs on this album are ‘Dog named Bo’ because I adore animals, and ‘Hideous Sweater’ because it’s just hilarious. Oh, and I like ‘Give me back my hat’ for its catchy, toe-tapping beats.

You can listen so some song samples here, or download ‘It’s not fair to me’ via Bill Harley’s website or iTunes.

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