Designer of the Week - Kriksis

As I type this feature today to introduce our lovely designer of the week, Kriksis from Latvia, I take great comfort in the cosiness of Kristine’s creations. The winter chill has just started to set in and this month I’m all about the knits! The Kriksis collection includes beautiful knitted dresses, tops, beanies, cardigans, leg warmers and socks and today I’d like to share a snap shot of the range.

Kriksis Children's Knitted Leg Warmers, Beanie

The Product Review

The delightful little set of girls leg warmers that you see above, travelled all the way across the globe from Riga in Latvia to land upon my doorstep. Made from beautifully soft merino wool in ivory and shades of burgundy, they feature an intricate ornamental pattern with room to grow. We paired our set of leg warmers with purple tights and a pink dress and shoes for an eclectic layered look. They fit “80’s style” (i.e. bunchy around the ankles… think Flashdance) on Miss 2 years, and straight up and down on Miss 4.

There’s just something fun about winter accessories for kids. They add an offbeat touch to their outfits, and this particular pair of leg warmers are easy for kids to pull on and off themselves. They provide a bit of extra warmth for winter and heaps of extra character, and are reasonably priced at $21.

The verdict… A little bit of mix-and-match magic

Kriksis Children's Knitted Leg Warmers, Cardigan

The Indie Label

The name “Kriksis” is a nickname that was given to designer Kristine in her childhood and she describes its meaning as “something small and cozy”… which is perfectly appropriate for her label. Kristine started Kriksis when her eldest child was born 7 years ago, but has loved knitted for as long as she can remember. Kristine is now mum to three little ones, who provide her with all kinds of inspiration.

Kriksis Children's Knitted Jacket, Coat, Beanie

The Creative Mind

Kristine lists her kids’ personalities as her major source of creative energy. She is mum to son Rudis (7), and daughters Mara (5) and Madara (1). She loves to watch them play and often incorporates their favourite colours into her designs. She is also inspired to create items that will be as comfortable as they are stylish. She likes to work with soft merino wool which is warm in winter and also suitable for the warmer days.

Kristine spends her spare moments working on Kriksis creations, between spending time with her kids. She currently lists her little label as a hobby, but hopes to make it a full time project in the coming months.

Kriksis Children's Knitted Top

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Kristine (in her own words):

  1. I love yarns.

  2. I love knitting.

  3. My passion for fashion isn’t about shoes or bags… it’s all about the knits!

The Handmade Collection

In the Kriksis collection you’ll find knits for newborns, toddlers and children, and a few items for mums as well. Kristine works with both bubbly brights and pastels, with a few ruffles and punchy patterns thrown in as well. You can find Kriksis online at Etsy, or visit Kristine on Facebook for all the latest news.

Kriksis Children's Knitted Dresses

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