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It’s my absolute pleasure today to introduce you to Stacey from Max & Me Designs. Stacey creates a range of creative artworks made from vintage postage stamps. This week, with the help of my good friend Lily and her three daughters, we review the handcrafted Max & Me Designs Butterfly.

Max & Me Designs Vintage Postage Stamp Art

The Product Review

At an immediate glance, the Max & Me Designs are pretty, colourful and modern. However, it’s when you take a closer look that the true magic shines through. The history and adventures that each artwork holds within is really quite awe inspiring.

Vintage stamps that have travelled the world, accompanying letters from friends and family; tales of travel, stories of love, loss, and laughter. It was fun just to sit with this piece and think back over my own personal history of the written letter. Birthday cards from Nana, letters from pen pals, acceptance to university, wedding invitations, birth notices…

The stamps in this piece come from all around the world, with many of them over 50 years old. On the back of the artwork you’ll find a few stories about some of the stamps featured in the piece. Each creation comes mounted on quality, professionally cut Bainbridge mat-board in a colour that highlights the stamps. They’re perfect for keepsakes or special occasions, and are equally appreciated by both little people and grown-ups.

The verdict… Modern designs with a rich, vibrant history.

Max & Me Designs Vintage Postage Stamp Art

The Indie Label

Stacey launched her label Max & Me Designs in 2012 after the birth of her son, Max. She was dreaming of the perfect piece of art to hang in his nursery when she came across an old stamp album from her childhood. Filled with boats, trains, cars and animals, Stacey thought the stamps would make something extra special for Max and the very first Max & Me Design was born. The original M monogram still takes pride of place in Max’s room.

Max & Me Designs Vintage Postage Stamp Art

The Creative Mind

It’s not hard to guess where Stacey’s inspiration comes from, with her business named after her little guy Max. She explains, “Like any new Mum, Max is my pride and joy.  He was also the inspiration for my unique range of postage stamp artwork so Max & Me Designs seemed like the perfect name for my business.  Max also makes a wonderful CEO and manages to charm many of my stockists and customers with his super cute smile and dimples”.

Each piece of Max & Me art is handcrafted by Stacey over several days. First she sorts the stamps into colours, and soaks them off their original envelopes. Next, she picks the perfect stamps to arrange in the shape of the design, which is hand cut and attached to a backing board. The end result is a true OOAK creation.

Max & Me Designs Vintage Postage Stamp Art

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s a few fun facts about Stacey (in her own words):

  1. I adore animals and have had quite a menagerie of pets throughout my life including ducks, mice, fish, cats, rabbits and even a rooster!  When I was a child my family were puppy walkers for a beautiful guide dog called Panda, who went to live in Hawaii. I would love to volunteer to look after another guide dog when Max is a bit older.

  2. I love to travel (although that has slowed down a bit since having Max….) and I have lived all over Australia, including Broome, Mt Buller and beautiful Dunk Island in Queensland.

  3. I’m a bit of a reality TV junkie, nothing makes me happier than sitting down on the couch (usually sorting stamps at the same time!) and watching The Block, Masterchef or My Kitchen Rules.

The Handmade Collection

Visit the Max & Me Designs website to view Stacey’s full collection of art, jewellery and accessories. While you’re there, subscribe to the Max & Me Designs mailing list and you’ll receive 10% off your first order, and entry into the Max & Me Designs monthly subscriber-only competitions.

Max & Me Designs Vintage Postage Stamp Jewellery

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