Creative Cravings... Geometrics!

Hey folks…! If there’s one thing you’ve learned from joining in the fun here on KID independent, it’s that I love colours, and I adore patterns. Today’s collection of coolness is all about geometry. Angles and shapes that are perfectly paired in precious patterns and pretty pastels. Oh, and a few bubbly brights thrown in for some extra cheer.

Geometric Jewellery, Toys, Art, Clothing

Superb shapes and awesome angles!

  1. Geometric Cushion
  2. Helter Skelter Hippy Dress
  3. Hot Pink Geometric Footstool
  4. Geo Pattern Top
  5. Wood Geometric Necklace
  6. Buddy Elmer Elephant Softie
  7. Geometric Box Stool
  8. Geometric Little Girls Collar
  9. Geometric Harlequin Bunny Brooch
  10. Fractal Geometric Bear
  11. Orange Faceted Bead Necklace
  12. Triangular Abstract Canvas


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