Creamy Caramel & Magnificent Mint!

So here’s the thing, I’ve kind of fallen in love with a pair of mint oxford brogues (as pictured here on the bottom left). I’m still not sure if I can pull them off, you know, style wise… so I’m honouring them with this theme while I decide if they will get along with the rest of my wardrobe. It’s highly likely I’ll be forced to buy new pants to do them justice. It’s a tough life.

Mint, Jewellery, Handmade Toys, Scarves, Shoes, Gloves

Shop for these goodies…

  1. Knitted Bear Hat
  2. Crochet Sleeping Owl Mask
  3. Fuzzy Amigurumi Bear
  4. Presley Cash the Monster Knitting Pattern
  5. Heart Gloves
  6. Mint Egg Chair
  7. Heart Wooden Clock
  8. Mint Heart Scarf
  9. Charlie Spotted Ballet Flats
  10. Mint Oxford Brogues
  11. Mint Nursing Necklace
  12. Baby Elephant Clock

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