Music Review - Key Wilde & Mr Clarke

I struck gold last month when the new album from Key Wilde and Mr Clarke, Pleased to Meet You, turned up on my doorstep. It’s a riot and half and I’ve been able to use it to entertain a string of kids over the past couple of weeks! Today, I’m finally getting around to sharing the love with the world.

Key Wilde & Mr Clark - Pleased To Meet You

Pleased to Meet You is one of the most imaginative albums that I’ve heard this year. It features 15 play-repeat-and-play-it-again tracks featuring jumpy drums and smooth grooves. The title track bursts out of the gate with some big beats and whips listeners into a frenzy that befits the tone of the album and prepares you for the rest of the adventure.




It’s tough to pick favourites, although I will say that I particularly like track 3, ‘Raised by Trolls’, as it always gives me bit of a giggle. ‘Bigga Bagga’ is also awesome for it’s kick-butt rock n roll sound. Oh, and ‘Eggplant Man’ is super cool too… maybe it isn’t so hard to pick favourites after all!

You can listen to the whole album via SoundCloud, or find out more about the band here.

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