Creative Cravings... Simply Spotty!

I spied this magnificent pink dots foxy softie (picture top left) by The Crafty Little Fox on madeit this week and it inspired me to collate a few of my other spotty favourites for a fun little theme. Have a fabulous day my handmade loving friends!

Polka Dots, Pink, Spots, Spotty, Dotty

Spots and Dots…

  1. Pink Dots Foxy Softie
  2. Dotty Cat Coin Purse
  3. Little Lamb Freckle Dog Bed
  4. Cardigan and Bow Tie Set
  5. Bow & Spot Beanie
  6. Neon Pink Spotted Cushion
  7. Pink, Green and Blue Bunny Softie
  8. Minnie Dots Headband
  9. Spotty Dotty Baby Shoes

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