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It’s with pleasure today that I introduce you to our designer of the week, Joey from KidsArt2Sew. In front of the review panel we have cute waistcoat and skirt set in cheerful hues of pink, blue, green and yellow. This piece is lovingly handmade in Perth from lightweight denim with embroidered detailing.

KidsArt2Sew Children's Denim Waistcoat and Skirt

The Product Review

For this week’s review I engaged the assistance of an effervescent four year old with a love for all things girly and pink…. and it was all about the waistcoat! She paired it with jeans, ra ra skirts, tights, shorts, and dresses; just about every item in her wardrobe made an appearance in the KidsArt2Sew fashion parade.

The waistcoat is made from a lightweight denim with pink cotton gingham lining. The embroidery is vibrant and intricate and miss four loved the three little flower buttons on the front and the embroidered heart on the back. This waistcoat is available in sizes 2 – 7 years, but will easily last through a couple of seasons due to the large armholes. Paired with the gingham skirt, this outfit has a bit of a country feel. However, worn as separates (especially if you throw in the eclectic styling of an “I-can-dress-myself-four-year-old”) it becomes an ode to the flower power movement of the 60s and 70s.

The verdict… cute and quirky.

KidsArt2Sew Children's Denim Waistcoat and Skirt

The Indie Label

Joey from KidsArt2Sew has a background as a Home Economics and Textile teacher and enjoys incorporating children’s art into handmade clothing and decor. Her love for fabrics and sewing began as a child and was passed down the generations by her mum who taught her the art of hand sewing and embroidery. When Joey migrated to Australia and gave up her teaching, she filled her days by creating beautiful pieces for children that celebrate the imagination and creative spirit inside every child.

The Creative Mind

The KidsArt2Sew collection is crafted from natural fabrics in bright colours that bring out each child’s personality. Joey explains, “My aim is to create designs that are more child friendly, to steer away from the designs being used in retail for decades now. The challenge is to create something different, especially for boys, as I feel they are much neglected when it comes to stylish outfits.  I love to see children being dressed as children in clothing that is comfortable, fun, cute and colourful.”

KidsArt2Sew Children's Denim Waistcoat and Skirt

The Whimsical Spirit

Three fun facts about Joey (in her own words):

  1. I love textile art especially those created using textured yarns.

  2. I save all the little cut off pieces of embroidery thread when I do machine embroidery.  I want to use it in something very creative and fun one day.

  3. The support I get from my husband and children for KidsArt2Sew, even when I feel I am bubble painting sometimes, astounds me.  I do dream BIG for KidsArt2Sew.

The Handmade Collection

Each KidsArt2Sew item is designed, cut & sewn by Joey in her Perth studio. As well as waistcoats and skirts, the collection also includes dresses, t-shirts, dungarees/playsuits and hair accessories for girls. KidsArt2Sew also stocks baby accessories and décor items. You can find KidsArt2Sew on Facebook and Madeit.

KidsArt2Sew Children's Denim Waistcoat and Skirt

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