Creative Cravings... Keepin' it Kitsch

Hi folks! Today I’ve assembled a collection of kitschy toys, clothing, decor, art, jewellery and homewares which I hope will appeal to your quirky side. These are all goodies that are currently residing on my favourites list just waiting for me to find some excuse to add them to my shopping cart! Have a fabulous day!

kitsch toys, clothing, decor, art, jewellery, homewares

If you’re feeling kitschy…

  1. Sticky Monster Series M05
  2. Wooden Squirrel Brooch
  3. Pink Plastic Lawn Flamingo
  4. Sonny Mini Kewpie Dolls
  5. Vintage Bear on Bike
  6. Finding Magic Team Kitten Print
  7. Boopsie Daisy Retro TV Doll Print
  8. Momiji Dippy-d Toy
  9. Rock Your Baby Greeting Card Kitten Tee
  10. Kitsch Kitty Necklace
  11. Cute Kitsch Deer Cushion
  12. Meow’s the Time Pink Kitty Women’s Shoes
  13. Gingerbread Girls Plush Doll Pattern
  14. Yum Yum Vinyl Hotdog Toy
  15. 64 Colors Genuinely Good Print
  16. Ice Cream Shop Retro Girls Dress
  17. Zuny Bobo Dinosaur Bookends
  18. Lapin & Me Woodland Doll
  19. Neon Pink Bulldog

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