Music Review - Blink of an Eye

This week I’ve been enjoying the folksy indie stylings of Frances England and her new album Blink of an Eye. This album is truly something special and has become a bit of a favourite in the KID household. By all means, play it for the little folk… but you might also find yourself playing it again, just for your own pleasure.

Blink of an Eye by Frances England

Frances England has a gorgeous, subtle vocal style that brings a chilled out calm over the room. Her lyrics are imaginative little stories that make you feel all warm and gooey inside, and sometimes give you a giggle or inspire impromptu outbursts of song and dance.

My favourite songs on this album include the title track ‘blink of an eye’ and the beautiful ‘day you were born’ which you can hear on the trailer below. I also like ‘Bicycle Built for Two’ which features Dean Jones on vintage drum machines and ‘The Sun will Shine Again’ which has a catchy melody and a positive philosophy for life.



You’ll be able to buy¬†Blink of an Eye by Frances England on 6 August 2013 and I highly recommend this one! Pop the date in your diary. If you’d like to hear more of Frances England’s music, head over to her website.

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