Music Review - Gratitude Attitude

Today I’d like to share the latest release in the Best Foot Forward Series by Recess Music. It’s called Gratitude Attitude and features 15 fab tracks that celebrate good manners, harmony and understanding. On this album you’ll find contributions from Bill Harley, Cathy Fink, Nick Cope and heaps more.

Gratitude Attitude by Recess Music

My favourite track on this album is Bill Harley’s “There’s a Pea on My Plate” with chuckle-worthy lyrics that tell a story that goes a little something like this…



Other top picks on this album include ‘The Table Manners Polka’ by Mike Soloway with its catchy accordion laden melody and quirky lyrics, and ‘Only Take What You Need’ by Earth Mama with its bluesy sound and eco-friendly message.

Gratitude Attitude is best suited to kids aged 4 – 11 years and is a great way to teach positive attitudes and heart felt gratitude. It will be released on 27 August 2013 but is available for pre-order now. You can find all the details online at Recess Music.

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