Creative Cravings... Toy Soldiers!

Earlier this month I delighted a special little guy with a new egg cup for his favourite Saturday morning dippity egg breakfast. It arrived courtesy of the lovely Rachel at Baby Vegas and features a cute little toy soldier with a red spoon and a toast template for cutting out soldier shaped dipping implements. We had so much fun with this little guy that I decided to create a theme around him. Enjoy!

Toy Soldiers, Art, Toys, London

Attention… Toy Soldiers!

  1. Egg & Soldiers Melamine Coaster Set
  2. Toy Soldier Art Print
  3. Egg Soldier Cup & Toast Cutter Set
  4. Handmade Toy Nutcracker Soldier
  5. Fabric Button London Ear Studs
  6. Little Soldier Tin Toy
  7. Clara and the Nutcracker Handmade Dolls
  8. Mid Century Kay Bojesen Wooden Soldier
  9. Evangelione Toy Soldier Doll

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