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Good morning friends and welcome to our wonderful Wednesday designer of the week feature. Today we’ve invited artistic 8 year old, Miss Maggie, to join us along with Virginia Scully, co-creator of Charlie and Rosie. It’s a fabulous collective of creative minds…

Personalised Children's Art, Cat Cushion

The Product Review

In review today, we’d like to present a customised piece from the Charlie and Rosie Artful and Little series of handmade home wares for kids. Miss Maggie spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon drawing one of her all-time favourite things, a quirky fuchsia kitty. We then scanned a copy of the drawing and sent it off to Charlie and Rosie.

Virginia picked out some lovely 100% linen fabric and a contrasting blue pom pom trim and transformed Maggie’s drawing into something quite breathtaking! In fact, I’m pretty sure the high-pitched squeal that occurred when the cushion arrived in the post could be heard by children in China.

Kitty is printed directly onto the natural linen fabric in vibrant, punchy hues. The texture of the linen gives an extra element of style and tactility and the large size and firmness of the cushion makes it perfect as an accent for a children’s bedroom or play space. It’s even cooler in person that it comes across in the images.

The verdict… A stylish keepsake that inspires creativity and joy.

Personalised Children's Art, Cushions

The Indie Label

Virginia is a well-versed media professional with eighteen years of experience in media strategy, planning and buying. Her more recent senior roles include Business Director at OMD Melbourne and General Manager of the Sphere Agency (full service advertising agency). She has worked alongside some of the world’s largest brands including Kraft and Bupa as well as assisting smaller start-up and not for profit companies. Her achievements in this area have been considerable, however, in the past two years Virginia’s life has ramped up somewhat.

Virginia is now a mum of two children.  Charlie (2 yrs) and Grace (8 months).  In addition to this Virginia has created Charlie and Rosie which is a cushion design company focussing on enhancing and showcasing children’s creativity. Virginia also returned to her Media Director role at the Sphere Agency in a part time capacity in July.

Virginia considers wearing different hats and juggling roles to be her greatest challenge but also her key to success. “The key for me is finding ways to stimulate both rational and creative sides of my brain. Rather than cutting one off from the other I apply what I learn in each aspect of life to enhance and inform the other and it seems to work?!”

Personalised Children's Art, Cushions

The Creative Mind

The concept behind Charlie and Rosie is to encourage and celebrate children’s creativity. The concept has been in working for a few years.  The Artful and little project series was specifically designed to a) create a conversation/ activity with parent and child b) capture special content that might have otherwise been overlooked c) showcase child’s art – make them feel great about it.

The inspiration behind the brand name was Virginia’s first born son Charlie coupled with Rosie – Virginia’s mum. Charlie is bold, full of rough and tumble and has a truckload of character.  Rosie is a dressmaker of 40 years and the perfect representative for old fashioned quality and work”woman”ship.   I wanted the brand to have spunk, like Charlie. I wanted design conscious mums to find we were more than just another cutesy, vanilla handmade brand.

Personalised Children's Art, Cushions

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Virginia…

  1. I was born ten years after my next sibling – and my family call me ‘oops’.

  2. I once rode a bike from Swan Hill to Melbourne (well mostly)

  3. I have fallen victim to “secret maccas”. I drive thru, eat whilst parked on the side of the road, then dispose of the evidence.

The Handmade Collection

At Charlie and Rosie you’ll find a range of both ready made and custom made cushions, as well as the Artful and Little range. You can place your order for a cushion via the Charlie and Rosie website, or visit Virginia on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram for all the latest designs.

Personalised Children's Art, Car Cushion

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