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It’s review time folks and this week I’ve invited the lovely Andrea from KaPow to give us a little sneaky peek into her creative brain. Andrea launched her label in June 2013 and has been stitching like crazy ever since. She makes goodies for babies, boys and girls, and today we’re road testing the “Batty” blue long sleeved tee.

KaPow Baby and Kids Clothing

The Product Review

This week’s mini reviewer is 2 year old Marcus, who is mad about all things creepy and crawly… and was all kinds of excited about the big black bat on the front of this tee. From a kid-perspective this tee is comfy and fun to wear (especially through the supermarket checkout, or any place where you have a captive audience and can babble about your batty). From a parent-perspective, this little tee is crafty and creative, and the handmade detailing gives it a quirky edge.

The verdict… Cute and Fun.

The Indie Label

Andrea kicked off her label KaPow as a hobby business earlier this year, now that she’s a mum working part time. She explains, “A lot of my friends had little creative handmade businesses on the side and I wanted to be a part of it too. I love fashion, and dressing our son up in cool outfits, so I thought it would be a fun way to make a little bit of extra money.  I enjoy using social media like Instagram and Facebook to showcase the KaPow products to fellow mums. I do all the work in our home studio in Melbourne in between working as an architect.”

KaPow Baby and Kids Clothing

The Creative Mind

Andrea is mum to one little boy, Flynn, who has just turned two. Growing up as a tomboy, she loved comics and superheroes, and was guided by this inspiration when choosing the business name KaPow.

Andrea starts her design process with a few sketches of silhouettes. She likes to work with bright fun fabrics and especially adores animal and geometric prints. Many of her designs are appliqued (like the Batty tee) but she also prints directly onto fabrics from time to time, like the groovy “Vampy” print below.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Andrea, in her own words:

  1. I’m a shopaholic
  2. I love being a mum
  3. I am addicted to selling everything on eBay

The Handmade Collection

Visit KaPow online to check out the full collection of baby and kids clothing and accessories. You can also find Andrea on Facebook and Instagram.

KaPow Baby and Kids Clothing

KaPow Baby and Kids Clothing

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