Meet, Greet and WIN with Mr. Palindrome

Hey folks, I always enjoy the opportunity to share super fun, upbeat, catchy tunes for kids and today I’d like to introduce you to Australian singer, songwriter, and Dad, Mr. Palindrome (aka Natan Kuchar). The album is called ‘Smiley Face Sticker’ and it’s jam-packed with 10 wonderfully worded and whimsical songs.

Mr Palindrome

Do you remember learning about palindromes at school? I do, and this week (with some assistance from Mr. Palindrome) I taught a few more kids all about palindromes and they’ve been sharing their new knowledge far and wide (and proudly, with that “I’m such a smarty-pants” grin that kids get). Interestingly, Mr. Palindrome has a daughter called Aya, making this is a true family affair!



Smiley Face Sticker kicks off in a bubbly and bouncy fashion with the title track, which you can listen to above while you view the official video. Mr. P also introduces concepts such as “anagrams” and “alliteration”… but my very favourite track is all about “Onomatopoeia” (I love that word). This album is crazy catchy… not to mention that Mr. P is seriously adorable with his geek-chic glasses, bow tie and hipster blazer.

Mr. Palidrome

If you’d like to learn more about Mr. Palindrome, you can visit his vlog, which features crafts such as pencil case making, and simple and silly ways to have fun and learn new things. The album is available for purchase online in hard copy or digital, or through Big Kids on 9-1-9… and lastly, here’s a sneaky peek at the latest Mr. P blog, “What is a PANGRAM?”



Would you like to win one of two copies of Mr. Palidrome’s CD? To enter, simply listen to some track samples, and tell us which song is your favourite! Please submit your entry through the Rafflecopter widget below. You can also score extra entries into the prize draw by joining us on Facebook or tweeting about the giveaway. Winner announced on 5 September, 2013.

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