Designer of the Week - Noga Ravin

This week I had a whole lot of fun reviewing two adorable toys from the Noga Ravin handmade collection. Allow me to introduce Rosso the red, white and blue plush bunny and Iggy the grey, pink, blue and lemon hedgehog! These little guys travelled all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel to be with you today…

Noga Ravin handmade toys, bags, creative, tactile, educational

The Product Review

As you can see from the image below, these two little creations are interesting to look at, and feature bold, modern colours… however, it’s the tactile qualities that I love the most. Rosso, the blue bunny, is made from soft cotton jersey fabric with flopsy ears that are fun for grabbing by inquisitive little hands. His legs are super long (head-to-toe length of 93cm) and can be stretched out, flung around the place, rolled up, or tucked back in. His belly is round and squeezable, and the whole package is quite amusing for the little folk.

Iggy the Hedgehog is a roly poly little fellow that is made from woven stretch jersey fabric and comes with bunch of colourful yarn pieces that can be pulled in and out, threaded through the weave to make interesting patterns, or spiked up and put on display. He measures around 30cmm and is available in a range of funky colours.

The verdict… tactile, imaginative and giggle-worthy toys.

Noga Ravin handmade toys, bags, creative, tactile, educational

The Indie Label

Noga Ravin is 28 years old and is currently based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. In a months time, Noga is moving to Warsaw, Poland, and is very excited about the opportunity to get inspired by a new place and culture.

Noga launched her label about 10 months ago after graduating from the Bezalel Art and Design Academy. Her main inspiration comes from a love for toys, humour and creative play. She explains, “When I started my studies at the Jewelry and Fashion Design department, every item that I created, whether it was a jewel or a piece of clothing, had a sense of play or some humour in it. At some point I started focusing on toys, and from there it was just natural to continue and try and develop that path.”

Noga Ravin handmade toys, bags, creative, tactile, educational

The Creative Mind

Noga spends her days surrounded by her collection of toys and plush dolls which has been accumulated over many years of collecting. Her design process focuses closely on items that Noga herself would love to play with and she creates play objects that kids will love, and “that will make grown-ups join in the game and feel like kids again”.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Noga (in her own words):

  1. I still have my first plush doll with me, his name is Howhow ad he is a small red dog.

  2. My favorite animals are Dinosaurs, and i even took an academic course about them.

  3. The meaning of Noga in Hebrew is Light and also the name of the Venus star, but in Polish it means a leg!

The Handmade Collection

The Noga Ravin collection includes handmade toys, bags, laptop cases, notebooks and more. You can visit Noga Ravin at her website, or shop for adorable  items on Etsy.

Noga Ravin handmade toys, bags, creative, tactile, educational

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