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It’s review time, and I’m delighted to welcome our lovely designer of the week, Georgie. Creative mind behind Monkeys Over The Moon and mum of three, Georgie is a wiz with a needle and thread. Today’s adorable creation is an appliqued Elephant tee and I had all kinds of fun writing up this week’s review.

Monkeys Over The Moon Applique Kids T-shirts

The Product Review

The Monkeys Over The Moon Elephant Tee is made from Liberty of London Tana Lawn Fabric with a cute ribbon tail “in a twist”. Ms

Elly is stitched onto a pink 100% cotton t-shirt. We paired this pink tee with a ruffle skirt and sandals for a day at the park and were pleased as punch with the finished look.

Georgie’s workmanship is magnificent and her designs are a little bit whimsical with a fresh, modern appeal. This particular creation is an absolute treasure and would make a lovely gift for a little lass.

The Verdict… Neat, Petite, and Super Sweet!

The Indie Label

Georgie launched her label in 2010 after wracking her brain for gift ideas for her daughter’s friends. Georgie explains, “I hadn’t sewn since school but I did like to draw, so I had a go. After playing with a few simple designs and making a few tops, several people suggested I start creating for others. Over several glasses of wine and some brainstorming with a friend the label was born”.

Georgie chose her business name to reflect her own little monkey’s love for her tees. She says, “each tee I created made them ‘over the moon’ and the name is a fun and quirky, just like me.”

Monkeys Over The Moon Applique Kids T-shirts

The Creative Mind

Georgie is a mummy to 3 monkeys, a 7 year old girl, a 5 year old boy and a just 4 year old girl. She lists her kids as her main inspiration…their ideas, imagination the way they take wonder in the simplest of things. Georgie says, “The seasons and colours also inspire me lot, as do many fabrics… sometimes I have no idea of what I am creating but I fall in love with a fabric, and then the idea for a design will come to me.”

“It can sometimes be the most random of things that will inspire me to create. My latest was a cookie that is currently being turned into part of my Spring/Summer collection! I also think  alot of my childhood and young adult life spent around art and ceramics with my parents and grandparents, going to galleries, being exposed to modern and classical art, music and theatre/culture really inspires a lot of what I draw upon to create.”

“My print designs are all inspired by appliques I have created and that people have loved. They are then turned into graphic art and printed onto t-shirts, enabling me to give more people the opportunity to wear my designs. I consider all my pieces to be wearable art and actually a few of my designs have been bought just to hang on walls.”

Monkeys Over The Moon Applique Kids T-shirts

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Georgie (in her own words):

  1. In the past 18 months I’ve discovered that I quite like running (having never run for much but the bubbles in the fridge since 1990!). Some Sundays are now less about lie ins and more about seeing how fast or far my friends and I can run. I have done a couple of 12km runs and raised quite a bit of money for charity doing it!

  2. I am English growing up in the rural West Country. I emigrated here 8 years ago after falling in love with an Australian whilst backpacking around Australia. It was love at first sight!

  3. I asked friends and family to pick 3 and amongst non sharable items, they said I am a trivia goddess who majors in useless and modern history facts, have a sexy voice, and have quite an aptitude to write very imaginative limericks.

The Handmade Collection

Monkeys Over The Moon applique designs are created on 100% Cotton Australian Made T-shirts using designer cotton fabrics, buttons and other embellishments. The print designs are designed by Georgie, created into graphic art by an Australian artist and then printed by Billy Mac Clothing here in Australia.

Visit Monkeys Over The Moon via their online store, Facebook, Etsy, or Madeit.

Monkeys Over The Moon Applique Kids T-shirts

Monkeys Over The Moon Applique Kids T-shirts

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