Designer of the Week - Pooki Boo

I would like to introduce you to a new friend of KID independent, Jo from Pooki Boo! Jo creates a lovely range children’s accessories including handmade shoes, hats, hair clip holders, and room decor. Today we have the absolute privilege of road testing a pair of “kites and clouds” baby shoes made from cotton and bamboo fleece.

Pooki Boo Handmade Kids Shoes, Booties, Hats

The Product Review

When this beautifully cosy pair of soft soled shoes arrived from Pooki Boo, I held them in the palm of my hand, admired them for a moment, and sighed at the thought of adorable little baby feet! There’s something about baby shoes that always push my maternal buttons…

These quirky little soles by Pooki Boo are made with a 100% cotton outer and bamboo fleece lining and in-soles. The workmanship is spot on, and the mix-and-match fabrics are as cute as can be. Jo chooses to use bamboo for her lining because baby’s feet perspire twice as much as adults and the bamboo fleece is the most absorbent (wicks moisture away from the skin). Not to mention that it is organic, and supremely soft.

The verdict... creative, comfortable and cosy!

Pooki Boo Handmade Kids Shoes, Booties, Hats

The Indie Label

Jo launched her label Pooki Boo in 2010 after her daughter Ava was born and she struggled to find cute shoes that would stay on her feet (as she was constantly kicking off shoes and socks).  Jo says, “Not only did I have sleepless nights with a baby, I was also keeping myself awake creating the magical world of Pooki Boo designs! All the activity happens on my kitchen table in Melbourne where my partner probably wishes there was a creative culinary product instead of fabric scraps”.

Jo chose the name “Pooki Boo” to honour the weird and wonderful nick names that her parents gave her as a child. One of them was Pooki, which she blended with the nick name she gave her to daughter, Boo… to make Pooki Boo.

The Creative Mind

Jo likes to start her creative process with a selection of fabrics, which she sources from all around the globe. Jo says, “I choose fabrics that tell a story, spark a childhood emotion or where I can visualise a cute & quirky little one wearing the design”.

“My inspiration comes from the personalities of all the delightful little babies and children I design for. My two and a half year old daughter also plays an important role as a quality tester and design consultant. I usually know if a product will work if she shows great interest in it and it stands up to her active use.  At the moment she’s completely smitten with ice cream cones and cup cakes so there will be some “sweet” inspired goodness coming up!”

Pooki Boo Handmade Kids Shoes, Booties, Hats

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Jo (in her own words)

  • If I’m not found on my sewing machine I will be in my garden creating quirky terrariums instead!

  • I’m addicted to fabric, moss and gelati.

  • I have been known to perform my “Grow like a tree” dance but only on special occasions.

The Handmade Collection

Pooki Boo create a range of unique, cute and quirky handmade goodness. As well as children’s shoes, the range includes reversible sun hats, vintage appliquéd singlets, decorated kewpie dolls, felt hair clip holders and OOAK dream catchers. You can find Pooki Boo via Madeit, Facebook, and at Matilda’s and Huckleberry Markets in Victoria.

Pooki Boo Handmade Kids Shoes, Booties, Hats

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