Creative Cravings... Rockin' Rainbows!

Hey folks… I hope your weekend has been filled with sunshine, lollipops and rainbows! In today’s creative cravings, I’ve assembled a cheerful selection of handmade and fair trade rainbow prints from some super talented designers with a flair for colour. Have a fabulous day!

Rainbow Handmade Kids Clothes, Dresses, Jewellery, Toys

  1. Rainbow Bunny by RosieOK
  2. Rainy Day Rainbow Tee by Freddy Alphabet
  3. Nelly Shortsleeve Tee by Oishi-m
  4. Bracelets by 360 Recycled Skate Jewellery
  5. Rainbow Paperbag Skirt by Paisley & Argyle
  6. Rainbow Lion Brooch by Love Ikandi
  7. Funky Rainbow Baubles by Smukie
  8. Rainbow Stripe Dress by Frugi

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