New Music - The Best Day Ever!

Hey folks, I’m in the mood for a musical adventure this morning, and I have the perfect soundtrack to accompany the calamity… “The Best Day Ever” by Baze and His Silly Friends. This album has everything: punchy pop, folksy themes, slide trombones, choral creations, and rockin’ guitars.

baze"The Best Day Ever" by Baze and His Silly Friends

“The Best Day Ever” features a dozen creative tracks featuring super cool guest artists such as Lucy Diaz, Suzi Shelton, Kira Wiley, Andrew Freeman (The Offspring), and Tom “Bones” Malone (SNL band member and original Blues Brothers Band member).

My favourite track on this album is “School Days” with it’s Ramones-esque flavour. I also dig “Another Bedtime Story” and “Wonderful Day” which was inspired by the words of John Lennon who said, “Once we realise we are all the same people, we are all of the same earth, then we can just get on with it”.

Pre-sale for “The Best Day Ever” starts on 1 October 2013, and you’ll get an instant download.  Check out the Baze and His Silly Friends website for all the details.

You can also score a free download of my favourite track, “School Days”, here.

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